Metamorphosis was a year and a half long collaboration between two artists and two musicians.

The final work is an audio-visual installation, comprising a ‘Victorian hang’ of 15 visual pieces, with contributions by all four of us, and a 30-minute soundtrack, on which all our voices are heard. 

The title, ‘…pathless land…’ is a reference to J. Krishnamurti’s famous 1929 speech, Truth is a Pathless Land, in which he rejects the role of spiritual leader or guru.  

Our audio-visual work represents our own metamorphosis, individually, and collectively, through the ‘pathless land’ of 2020 and 2021, sharing ideas in words and pictures on WhatsApp, letting the metamorphosis find its own journey. We focused on four concepts: seed, egg, meander and feminine energy, to co-create a ‘Victorian hang’ of images, with a soundtrack, to represent the potential, process and transformative power of this time and our ongoing journey through it.

‘…pathless land…’, is a multimedia installation and online project by Ashleigh Downey, Eleanor Dawson, Justyna Kosmulska and Sylvia Hill. It was created as part of ArtNet dlr’s 2020-21 Metamorphosis project.

About the soundtrack:

The soundtrack is a journey in four parts, each of which spiral into the other: a metamorphic journey through our inner landscape during the years 2020 and 2021. The terrain of our journey in sound is in four sections, following the prompting of the four words which were our supports during the creative process. 

A four-part journey of change: 1. incipit, 2. seed-egg, meander, 3. spiralling, 4. emerging.
Beginning with an evocation of an arid landscape with dry seed-sounds, seeds of potential, which incubate and develop, allowing for nourishing, nurturing and a final emergence.

The majority of the sounds were played and recorded by Eleanor. Justyna contributed a key theme on the harp, representing journeying, and the vocalise in Part 4. Ashleigh’s breath and natural sounds and Sylvia’s incantations of our shared words make it a completely collaborative process in sound. 

Soundtrack composed and edited by Eleanor Dawson.

Complete Soundtrack:

The soundtrack as a whole runs for just over 30 minutes, and can be listened to in its entirety, as a meditative experience, in conjunction with the visual images.  This soundtrack is titled: … pathless land…’

pathless land…, a metamorphosis in four-parts

The four sections of the soundtrack as separate tracks: 

Here the four tracks are available separately. Parts 1, 2 and 4 are each 8-9 minutes long. Part 3 just over 4 minutes.

Scattered II, by Ashleigh Downey
VerticalSpiral, by Justyna Kosmulska
Mars Egg, by Sylvia Hill
emerging figs, by Eleanor Dawson


These are small, discrete sections of sound, made up of between 2 and 4 strands of sound. Each is a key moment in the journey through the landscape. They are embedded into the texture of the complete soundtrack. The first three are extracted from Part 3, spirals, and the fourth, vocalising, from Part 4, feminine energy. They are reproduced here (and visually as part of the Victorian hang) in their own ‘space’.


into light  

weaving words 


Metamorphosis was a year and a half long collaboration between Eleanor DawsonAshleigh DowneySylvia Hill, & Justyna Kosmulska.
Two musicians, a visual artist, and an ecological artist with a socially engaged practice.