Biodiversity Ambassador Programme

The Biodiversity Ambassador Programme is an environmental initiative developed by Greenhouse Culture, in association with Green Sod Ireland Land Trust – the first of its kind in Ireland.

In order to protect the planet, and our own future, it is time to come together and call for action on biodiversity loss. This network creates a supportive space for all individuals to honour and protect biodiversity, to discover more about the intrinsic value of nature, and advocate for the right of all living beings. If you are interested in biodiversity and advocating for a sustainable future for all then we would love you to get in touch.

This community focused initiative is a great opportunity to become a leader in your school, campus, workplace or community, and to promote positive actions in a local context. To join a network of likeminded people, each focused on advocating for nature.

“Biodiversity is our most valuable but least appreciated resource.”

Edward O. Wilson

Becoming a Biodiversity Ambassador is about finding your voice, and your voice to help protect our wild acres, and restore safe havens where species can thrive and flourish, vital for biodiversity.

The Biodiversity Ambassador Programme is a place to come together in community with likeminded people. to project and nurture our natural environment and all its biodiversity. A place where together we can deepen our connection with nature, and develop stronger interconnected relationships with all living beings.

The vision of Greenhouse Culture, as with our associates Green sod Ireland Land Trust, is where our Earth’s ecosystems are thriving and flourishing. We believe together we are stronger; together we can protect our natural environment for present and future generations.

Biodiversity Ambassador Programme : an initiative of Greenhouse Culture, in association with Green Sod Ireland