Awaken Your Senses

A mindful meander through the gardens of Dublin Castle

Awaken Your Senses is a 60 minute ‘slow walking’ exercise through the gardens of Dublin Castle. Presented as part of the Bloom Fringe Festival 2017, this experiential wander is designed to enliven you your senses to the natural sights and sounds around you, in this Urban setting. Start the day with a slow mindful walk, and step your way to a calmer state of mind as you experience nature through a series of mindful meander. Explore the art of ‘slow walking’, and fine tune your observation skills through a mix of meditation, visualisation and soundscaping. Guided by ecological and social artist Ashleigh Downey.

Whether surrounded by an urban concrete jungle, in the suburb on the edge of a city, or deep into the country side, together we can learn simple technique to quieten the noice and relish in our natural surroundings.

This workshop is open to all ages and abilities.