Earth 2020 : A global response to our current climate

COVID19 has caused global disruption, but can this time teach us how to reconnect with Earth? What are the true impacts of our confinement on the environment, pollution and climate change? Can this situation offer solutions for a sustainable future? If we could hear Earth’s voice right now what would she say?

A stunning era of responses’ to Earth 2020 : A Global Response to Our Current Crisis. Receiving over 80 heartfelt and thought provoking reactions in response to our Earth Day online exhibition call out. each with the same starting point. Personal impressions ranging from sketches, drawings, quotes, paintings, prints, photographs, embroidery, poetry, collage, videos, letters, a song, an extract from a book, & some soft resonating sounds in nature.

With personal impressions ranging from quotes, poems, paintings, prints, collage, embroidery, drawings, sketches, photographs, videos, letters, a song, an extract from a book, and some soft resonating sounds in nature.

58 participants, 8 countries : These global responses came from all walks of life – artists, writers, performers, musicians, ceramicists, scientists, ecologists, botanists, archaeologists, engineers, horticulturalists, environmental scientists, computer programmers, interior designers, architects, accountants, art therapists, actors, photographers, teachers, gallery directors, business owners, business consultants, mindfulness practitioners, climate ambassadors, environmental educators, nature lovers, a land trust, a sister, a mother, and her children.

With sincere gratitude to all who contributed to this Global Response!

Anne Adams (Ireland), Jenny Adams (Ireland), Annelie Badenhorst (Ireland), James Bassett (Ireland), Charlotte Carson (England),

Constantinos S Constantinou (Cyprus), Angel Cray (USA), Janine Davidson (Ireland),  Jo Davis (England), Annette De Paor (Ireland),

Faye Dobinson(England), Caitriona Douglas (Ireland), Ashleigh Downey (Ireland), Sofia Fonseca (Ireland), Áine Fortune (Ireland), 

Brian Fleming (Ireland), Kevin Gaines (Ireland), Anna Glasgow (England), Patti Good (England), Melissa Griffith Green Sod Ireland(Ireland),

Bernadette Hopkins(Irelands), John Kavanagh(Ireland), John Kinsella (Ireland),  Maria-Johanna Heschl (Ireland), Yvonne Higgins(Ireland), 

Ian Huet (Ireland), Muraed Hughes (Ireland), Emmet Humphreys (Ireland), Hester Heuff (Ireland), Martin Lennon (Ireland), Bronagh Lonergan (USA), 

Eoin Lyons (Ireland), Kathryn Maguire(Ireland),  Elizabeth Mathews (France), Niamh Matthews (Ireland), Dream Metaphor (Portugal),

Justine McGraths (Ireland), Nellie McLaughlin (Ireland),John McNulty (Ireland), Sarah McNulty (Ireland), Samantha Murray(Ireland), 

Augustine O’Donoghue (Ireland), Jennifer Page (Ireland), Lily Page (Ireland), Sean Page (Ireland),Tom Page (Ireland), 

Michelle Phillips Diversion Green (Ireland), Inna Place; mindfulness & creativity (England), Cathy Row (Ireland), Anouk Sallansonnet (Switzerland), 

Jeanne Sampier (Ireland), Keith Scanlon (Ireland), Bex Shelford (Ireland), Timthetent (Ireland), Miriam Traynor (Ireland), 

Niamh Traynor (Ireland), Gary Tyrrell (Ireland) Justine Simpson Worboys(England), Bruno Vinhas(Canada)

Collectively we come together in a shared love and mutual respect for this land. – our home. Together, we represent the voice of Mother Earth.

In Loving Memory, Terry O’Farrell (1954-2019)