Insight Meditation

Burren College Courtyard, Co. Clare

A weekly walking and mark-making meditation, guided by ecological artist Ashleigh Downey. Connecting people with the inner presence of nature through sound, stillness, and visual symbols. Combining meditation with the act of slow walking these Insight Meditations are designed with a set of alternative tools to connect and incorporate nature into our everyday lives. Situated in the courtyard of the Burren College these short insights are designed for people who feel they don’t have the time to meditate, or simply stop a moment.

Only 8 minute long these grounding exercise offers opportunity to carve out a very small moment in time to connect with our natural self. It invites us to ground ourselves, and feel connected to the here and now even when surrounded by external noice and/or distractions.

A meditation, combining the art of slow walking, mark-making, and the simple act of taking a breath. These free weekly sessions are open to all.