The Green Roots Project

We ask you to remember that a shamrock is not just a symbol but a living thing that is rooted in the soil, and connected to the land. So come join us and let us get back to our green roots and swap our plastic shamrocks for real ones! 

Help us, The Green Roots Project celebrate this great International Irish day with an activity that helps our environment.

The Covid pandemic provides us with a fantastic opportunity to do something different
and environmentally meaningful for St. Patrick’s Day 2021.

It also provides us scope to address the Sustainable Development Goals.

Imagine if each person celebrating St. Patrick’s Day did something to celebrate their local environment

Some ideas to get you started

  • Plant something. Trees. Flowers for the Bees.
  • Vegetables and herbs for your own plate.
  • Try a plant-based meal
  • Start a compost pile.
  • Grow your own Shamrocks
  • Litter picking

  • Make your own St. Patrick’s Day badge.
  • Make art from found materials
  • Upcycle your old clothes
  • Pick up rubbish when you go for a walk.
  • Build a bug hotel
  • Go for a Nature Walk

Some amazing GREEN ACTIONS happening around the country this St. Patrick’s Day.

Be inspired by all the Green Actions on The Green Roots Project website here.
You will also find information on how you too can get involved.

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