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With a desire to learn how people view their future – particularly in light of the year just gone – a group of Sustainable Design Thinkers reached out to all walks of life, asking one question, 

“What is your sustainability vision for 2030?”

Collated by Sustainable Design Thinkers,
Ashleigh Downey, Susan Doyle, Hayley Egan, & Lua Flannery
Below are some of GLOBAL RESPONSE STATEMENTS they received.


I hope everyone is sustainable by 2030 so my future isn’t impacted.

– Primary School Student. Ireland

Clean Air
Clean Seas
Lots of bee’s 

– Writer. Galway, Ireland

Peace in the world and no more fights and wars. To let everyone do what they want and instead of judging them we need to help them.

– Student, Age 16. Spain

Equal access to education for everyone regardless of race or gender!

– Recent Graduate. Ireland

A company that sells a product with no intention of making the customer return. High Grade. Built to Last.

– Student, Age 17.  Wexford, Ireland

In 2030 I’d like to see more woman  in positions of power and government.

– Student, 6th year. Wexford, Ireland

My sustainable vision for 2030 is sustainable international relations.

– Lecturer. Beijing, China

Climate Justice + Climate Change Education

– Masters Student / Eco-philosopher. Dublin, Ireland

Nobody gets left behind.

– Ireland

That everybody has access to clean water and education!!!

– Masters Graduate. Ireland

More Bee’s
More Tree’s
Less Traffic
Less Plastic!

– Office Manager. Ghent, Belgium

Ban LNG infrastructure. Invest in Renewables.

– Ireland

My sustainable vision is zero waste and thriving bumblebees.

– Age 13. London, England

A waste free world

– Hairdresser. Ireland

I want to live in a world with more fish than plastic in the sea!

– Age 8. Turkey

Loads of fish in the ocean. NO Rubbish in the ocean.
Places where wild animals can roam without ANY Human disturbing it.
An end to the throw-away & wasteful society.

– Grandmother, Age 88. Wexford, Ireland

My 2030 sustainable vision is very little plastic. I hate plastic waste.

– Visual Artist. Bray, Ireland

My sustainability vision is a world connected to nature & one that places nature at the hear of al we do.

– Environmental Artist. Wicklow, Ireland

By sharing this global vision we hope to deepen our understanding of what sustainability means to people around the world. With these quotes as starting point, we invite you to question how together we might design for a brighter and better tomorrow? Starting today, how can we collectively create a more sustainable future for us all?

What is your sustainable vision for the future?

More Info: For more about these quotes, and the project they came from, see blog post
“What is your sustainable vision for 2030?” here.

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