What is your sustainability vision for 2030?

With a desire to learn how people view their future, we are reaching out to all walks of life, asking one question “what is your sustainability vision for 2030”. Collated by a small group of Design Thinkers for Sustainability, this is a CALL TO ACTION, for a global response to the above question.

Our aim –

  • To gain an understanding of how people are feeling about the future at this moment in time.
  • To highlight the diversity of voices, both locally and globally.
  • To share our concerns, hopes and ideas.
  • To present a shared vision of what the future on earth can look like.

By sharing our visions for 2030, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of how we might design for a brighter tomorrow.

We invite you to take a photograph of yourself holding a sign with one clear and simple message: “My 2030 sustainability vision is ______________”

Please include your location, occupation, and age (optional) when sending your photo.
Unless otherwise requested, all photos received will be included, as research, here on the Greenhouse Culture website research page ().

We look forward to creating a new future vision with you.
Thank you for joining in this global call out!

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