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CLIMATE CULTURE : online exhibition CALL OUT

The way humans choose to interact with the world is having a devastating effect on the climate and on our natural ecosystems. More than 50% of the world’s animal species are estimated to be at risk of extinction. With over 40% of the global plant species also at risk. Clearly our current impact on the earth is catastrophic! If there is to be any future at all for the next generations we need to work together and change our way of being in the world.

Ecological artist, curator, and activist Ashleigh Downey invites you to be part of an online exhibition.

The idea behind Climate Culture is to invite people from all walks of life to consider our current climate crisis – to challenge our current culture and way of being in the world. To consider how we might be able to create a new culture and consider what a new sustainable culture might look like. 

Call for submissions is open to everyone interested in creating a new culture focused on sustainability: writers, musicians, philosophers, architects, scientists, educators, artists, concerned citizens, and all those in between… Together we can create a more sustainable future for all.

Considering the art of becoming sustainable, How are culture and climate connected? How does climate affect culture?

SUBMISSIONS: a poem, drawing, painting, sculpture, piece of music, photograph, iconography, piece of writing, a potential solution, mind-map, soundscape, personal quote, or other form of creative expression. 

– Image to be Square in shape, a high quality .jpg or .png file up to a maximum file size of 2MB.

DEADLINE:  midnight, 28th October 2021
EMAIL: with title Climate Culture to
INCLUDE: Your Name, Title and Description of your submission

Further information on CLIMATE CULTURE call to action:

If you need some inspiration check out:

Phase one of the exhibition will be launched at Climate Action Week (Oct 11th-17th), in collaboration with An Taisce’s Climate Ambassador Programme. Phase two will be launched in collaboration with Climate Reality Leadership Corps, 24 Hours of Reality (Oct 30th). Phase three will to coincide with the The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26)

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