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Can electric cars do the job? Let’s start with 32 counties of Ireland, in 24 hours.

Back in March we were introduced to The Scrum Doctor Peter Bracken. He sent us his first Vlog, which is perhaps best described as the start of Peters ‘sustainable research adventures‘.

We are delighted to now have another update on his very exciting idea! As you will hear Peter is as much on a mission as the March hare. Indeed he has been a very busy fellow since his last post in March 2021. (See: Go Big Or Go Home).

Combining his passion for sports with his passion for building a more sustainable future for all #PeterTrys all manor of amazing adventures to see how far he can get in his ELECTRIC CAR.
Hear all about it below:


If you’d like to keep up with Peter Bracken and his electrically sustainable adventures, you can follow his vlog posts on our YouTube Channel HERE

You can also connect with Peter via his social media below:

Go big or go home is a philosophy that encourages one to be bold.
To do whatever you do to the fullest.
To act with full authenticity. 

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