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Recycled Film Canisters

In May we had the pleasure of introducing you to the photographer Angel Cray. This amazingly talented lady is not afraid to experiment – driven by her passion for analog photography Angel pushes the boundaries of photography and photo-development to places most of us would not even think to go.

Angel presents our first PHOTOGRAPHER TAKEOVER, titled ‘Analog Photography and the Environment‘. In her article Angel considers the question, Can the art of Analog photography be environmentally conscious?

For her PHOTOGRAPHY TAKEOVER Angel wrote about 3 environmental issue that goes part and parcel with Analog photography, one of these being the FILM CANISTERS. Convinced there was a way to recycle these canisters, Angel got busy doing what she does best – experimenting!

Now she’s back with a new fun way to recycle these non-environmentally friendly little objects.

Creating Fun Jewellery from Recycled Film Canisters

Creating jewelry has always been a fun pastime, but being able to create jewelry out of my passion is even better.  With a lot of experimentation,
I created the below and many more are in the works.  Stay tuned!!

Angel Cray

PURCHASE Film Canister Jewellery on Etsy: AngleCrayStudio

A perfect gift for Christmas, or indeed any time of year.

Seriously, how cool is that!
Such a fantastically sustainable way to keep photographic waste out of landfill.
You can FOLLOW Angel’s photography experimentations here

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