What Does Sustainability Mean To You?

An online photo exhibition, curated by Sangha

Exploring the themes behind our concepts of sustainability and what an environmentally sustainable world might look like.

I have always had an interest in sustainability. Conservation and taking care of our environment was part of how I grew up. I was also keen to learn about our physical world in school, and found subjects like geography and the environmental sciences quite intriguing. Although I went on to specialise in something else entirely at university, the climate crisis became very real to me through various projects I took part in during this time, and I wanted to take action and become a sustainability leader myself.

During the current pandemic most projects have gone online, so while thinking about organising my own independent initiatives, I was looking at various platforms that could still engage my target audience in an era of constant overwhelm. The idea of a photo exhibition came to me when I realised that photos are probably the easiest way to connect with people, both young and old, whether they are already active in the climate space or are just learning about it.

Also, being active in this space for a while now has brought on the realisation that sustainability is a broad concept and people often view it differently. I wanted to bring together all the ideas in one space, so that people could immediately relate to some ideas and be challenged by others and thereby be inspired to generate new conversations. Most importantly, I wanted to create a space that is beautiful so that it left a mark on my viewers well after the event. 

Exhibition Artists
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What does sustainability mean to you?

Online Photo Exhibition

Exhibition runs from 15 March – 8 April 2021

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We are delighted to welcome Sanghamitra C. Mukherjee to the site. She has recently curated and an online exhibition on sustainability titled, What does sustainability mean to you?. Sangha is a multipotentialite artist, activist, social entrepreneur, and trained researcher. Her research areas of interest include renewable energy, climate change, and technology adoption.

We have featured a number of sustainability driven posts, so of course we see Sangha’s exhibition as a natural fit in terms of connecting the dots. Yet how many of us really know what sustainability means, or indeed what it may mean to others?

We believe in order to have a future on this planet we must think collaboratively, not competitively. Further, if we are to generate alternative sustainable solutions for the generations to come, then we need to take a multidisciplinary approach. This we believe starts with conversations, and by connecting the dots.

Sincere thanks Sangha for sharing this exhibition with us! xx

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